Easy Steps to Stop Panic Attacks

how to stop panic attacksMany people are seeking ways, on a day to day basis, to stop panic attacks. This is because a large number of people spend their lives trying to avoid situations that frighten them, make them feel uncomfortable, stressed or even sometimes an irrational fear. The good news is that their are many ways to help stop panic attacks easily. There are some very simple steps a person can take to help stop panic attacks easily and start living a normal life once again, filled with confidence and enthusiasm.

What Exactly is a Panic Attack?

To stop panic attacks easily, we first of all need to work out what the cause is. And to know the cause, we must know the condition and its symptoms. A panic or anxiety attack is simple a rush of excess adrenaline into your bloodstream, which is supplied from the adrenal glands on the first instance of emergency, fear or panic.

When a person experiences anxiety or panic, it is the reaction of the adrenal glands, which are very small organs situated near your kidneys, and are filled full of adrenaline. When your brain sends a message requiring a heightened sense of ability, these glands excrete adrenaline and help you combat any situation. Although this is not super hero stuff, it is about as superhuman as we can get as this adrenaline enables us to achieve greater things.

When you are having a panic attack, it is excess adrenaline being released into the body, but because you are not actually functioning at a heightened physical level, it results in other physical reactions, making you feel panic, overwhelmed, and make you misinterpret the feelings and emotions you are having. In some instances, it can be like you are spiralling out of control as your adrenaline feeds your emotions which feed your adrenaline….

Process of a Panic Attack

stop panic attacksWhen you experience a panic attack, it is usually first felt by an elevated heart beat. This is because the adrenaline is causing your heart to pump more blood throughout your body. This can be in your face, arms, legs, and even brain. This is why when your body is not physically active, it can really shock your system into feeling very unusual. Your heart rate increases, your face heats up, your head feels pressurised, and you feel there is no way to stop panic attacks.

This can happen within just a few seconds of the first sign of stress or fear, as your body is already relating these emotions to specific functions you have subconsciously programmed. It is important to remember that to stop panic attacks, you must deal with them very early as they can only get worse if left untreated. It is almost like path of least resistance for your brain, body and nervous system.

You Can Stop Panic Attacks in Just 2 Minutes

Did you know that you can Stop Panic Attacks in as little as 2 minutes? You can stop it in the same time it took the onset of Anxiety to form. This is due to the adrenal glads not being triggered, which can help you stop panic attacks in record time with just a few simple steps.

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Simple Steps to Stop Panic Attacks

dealing with panic attacksThere are some very simple steps you can follow to stopping a panic attack in its tracks and getting on with your life. The trick is to try and stop any of the triggers or messages from being sent to your adrenal glands, which is actually much easier to do than you may think it is. Once you understand the simple process, it is very easy to control, and your will find it very easy to stop panic attacks permanently.

For people facing regular panic attacks or for those who find it difficult to stop panic attacks, it is important to follow these basic principles which will not only give you an understanding of the process that causes them, but how to easily reverse them with simple thought changes.

Keep these steps in mind, or hand, written down somewhere, as when you are experiencing anxiety, it is much easier to read then remember what to do to stop panic attacks.

Common Steps to Stop Panic Attacks

  • Positive Affirmations and Coping Statements
  • Relaxing or removing the situation
  • Stop fear and negative thoughts
  • Accept Your Feelings

Positive Affirmations and Coping Statements

Although this is not the most direct route to stop panic attacks, it is very effective in long term prevention. If you can start to replace any negative thoughts with positive ones as the attack is happening, you will almost surely reverse the attack. By practising this on a regular basis, you will soon start to automatically replace any negative thoughts in your life and you will soon see dramatic changes in your psyche and behaviour. Using coping statements is similar, but much more aggressive then positive affirmations as they can actually shock you into stopping any form of panic. It is a “why would i even think like this” statement and usually gives a good logical reason to help you stop panic attacks easily.

Any type of panic attack is not a logical attack, so shock it out of your system with a logical thought. Don’t hold your life back any more.

Relaxing and Removing the Situation

As with the previous step of using solid affirmations and coping thoughts, relaxing is a way to reduce the physical signs on the body. The first step is to calm your breathing, and help regulate your heart beat. If you want, you can just focus on this, and nothing else. Another step you can take is to remove yourself from the situation as soon as possible. What many people may do is go into a peaceful environment, maybe remove your shoes and stand on the soft grass, and just take gentle breaths. The results of this are near instant and will definitely help stop panic attacks.

Stop Fear and Negative Thoughts

stop panic attacks easilySometimes negative thoughts and fear can overpower any type of positive actions you are taking. What you must now do is over power these thoughts with a very aggressive Stop. Do not accept the negative thoughts. Make your mind stop the thoughts, and almost forget what you are thinking. Anger is a different emotion to anxiety, and can actually help prevent a panic attack. The most important thing to remember though, is to stay controlled at all times when doing this.

Accept Your Feelings.

When your panic attack has settled and you have calmed down, it is important to try to understand what actually caused it and analyse the process in a very specific way. It is important to not slip back into another panic attack with this method.

This is usually best done with a close friend. Usually when you present your fear that caused your panic attack, you can ask for them to give you a rational reason why you acted the way you did, and they can also help you see the most logical steps to take to stop panic attacks from recurring.

If you have a public event coming up, you may be feeling some premature fear about it. It is best then to prepare your self before the event. Maybe get ready as if you were going to work. Separate your mind 100% from the event, even when you arrive. Just stay casual. Or put yourself in a situation that will support your through the whole process, like attending with a close friend who understands your condition.

There have been many cases where people have used these simple steps alone to help stop panic attacks easily. They have been proven again and again to help mild sufferers of anxiety control and stop panic attacks. If you are an advanced sufferer, there is a program available which has had great success with people from all over the world, as it is easy to understand, natural, fast and long term.

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